Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wed, September 24

Leaving the Flagstaff area, we were amazed at the lush pine forest landscape of the northern Arizona area.  This wasn't anything like what we expected the Arizona desert to look like.  It reminded us a lot of the mountain area of Arnold, CA.  

Once we were out of the pine forests, we saw more of the desert terrain we were expecting. The saguaro cacti were everywhere.  Did you know that these cacti take many, many years to grow to the height of the one pictured here?  This one is probably 125-150 years old.  

Driving into California at sunset, we were so happy to be back in our "Golden State!"

With over 8 hours of driving today, we covered more than 500 miles!  We are now at the home of our friends, the Tanksleys, in Oceanside.

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Six in our Crew said...

Welcome "home"! Our whole family has enjoyed your blog! We hope to one day have the same opportunity!