Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fri, September 19

We started out the day by traveling across town to the home of Liz's Aunt Bobbie and Uncle David. We enjoyed a great visit and a delicious country brunch. Their home had a lovely view of Pike's Peak and reminded us of a mountain cabin. What a fun morning/afternoon.

Next, we drove over to the Garden of the Gods, a city park which is also a National Natural Landmark. These huge sandstone formations jut right out of the ground.

The beautiful Colorado foothills as seen from the Garden of the Gods park.

We posed in front of the Visitor Center.

Our next stop was the Focus on the Family Visitor Center and Bookstore. This was a very important stop because we've been listening to Adventures in Odyssey every day as we've been traveling. We wanted to see the place where the radio shows are recorded and pick up some more CDs because we're almost out! Odyssey has been a big part of our hours and hours of driving.

The kids got to swim at the Villa Sport club that the McNabbs belong to. John is swimming in a salt water pool.

Shannon said it felt so wonderful to be in water again. Since the swim team ended at the end of July, the kids haven't been in a pool!

Joshua threatened to toss Mom in the pool after she was able to throw him in. All the kids had a great time swimming during the early evening, although they were disappointed that the water slide and outdoor pool had closed before we arrived.

Back at home we had a fun evening with pizza and movies. Mandi had received some Jane Austen movies in the mail today from Lisa MacDonald, a friend back in California. Had Lisa planned for the movies to arrive the day after Mandi's birthday??? Mandi was quite excited as she is currently working on directing a movie about the Victorian era for one of her college classes. The kids settled in to the comfy sofa downstairs to watch Shrek while Sally, Mandi, and Liz watched Northanger Abbey upstairs.

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