Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sun, September 21

As we left our motel and got into the car this morning, we found a colony of prairie dogs in a grassy area right in front of us.  What a fun way to start our morning.

Next, we visited the Taos Pueblo which is the oldest continuously inhabited community in the USA.  The Tiwa tribe still live in the pueblo.  We enjoyed a tour of the grounds, and then we did some exploring on our own.

After our tour we enjoyed some blue corn fry bread with raw honey, made to order just for us.

The Red Willow Creek runs through the heart of the pueblo and supplies all the drinking water for the tribe.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the fresh mountain spring water.

We stopped at a restaurant for lunch, and the sweet potato and french fries were brought to us in miniature shopping carts.  Bunny sure enjoyed those fries!  Liz and John enjoyed the portobello mushroom sandwich.

New Mexico may be a desert but it is alive with beautiful purple and yellow flowers among the sage bushes and cacti.  Fields and fields of color!

As we headed for Albuquerque, we drove beside the Rio Grande River.  There were groups rafting and kayaking down the river.  That looked like so much fun.

The sky is so blue and huge here.  We found it fascinating how there could be a clear sky with puffs of clouds here and there, and then there would be one dark cloud among them all with tendrils of rain stretching down to the ground, obvious even from quite a distance. We would drive a few miles through one of those cloud bursts with gentle drops on the windshield and then it would be over.  Amazing!

We spent a little time this afternoon walking around Old Town in Albuquerque.

Joshua tried the "cowboy" look at one of the shops.

Our trek through New Mexico took us over 208 miles today.

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