Monday, September 15, 2008

Mon, September 15

After sleeping for about 2 hours, David and I headed over to the Louisville Airport where David departed for California.  He would finish his cross-country trip the fast way--on an airplane where he would land in Oakland, CA, only six hours later.  The rest of the family will now continue the westward drive without him.  We miss him already!

After sleeping in, we finally were on the road and drove past Louisville on our way out of Kentucky.

Crossing the Ohio River and once more into...

Indiana!  How many times now have we entered this state?  

As we drove across southern Indiana, we found signs of storm damage everywhere.

Many of the beautiful fields of corn displayed evidence of having been battered as well.

Crossing over into Illinois under cloudy skies.

The wildflowers beside the road are glorious!  Yellow, blue, purple, white...

The children excitedly exclaimed, "The arch, the arch!"  We passed St. Louis, leaving the wide open roads and farm lands behind to what is for us a more familiar urban environment.  We could see no sign of the storm damage that occurred yesterday, but then, we only skirted the city on the highway.  The plan is to do some exploring in the city tomorrow.

We were very disappointed to not be able to find a state sign as we crossed the Mississippi into Missouri.

After driving 300 miles and through four states, we settled into our motel in St. Charles, MO, looking forward to a full night's sleep.  The children have helped fill the gaps with Dad's departure.  The boys are now fully in charge of emptying the roof-top carrier of luggage, and Shannon helped unload the interior of the car.  John learned how to navigate today since he chose to ride shotgun.  

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