Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sat, September 6

Liz worked at the book table downstairs. She spent part of Saturday filling the mail orders that had been coming in since the family left on the trip.

The two trainers, Lee Bradford & Liz FitzGerald.

Lee demonstrated how to dictate spelling words.

Liz enjoyed working with the ladies on their Master Teachers' Logs, the best way to learn how to teach SWR!

Meanwhile, David and the kids ventured into Chicago to visit the Museum of Science and Technology. This is a huge imposing and majestic building.

This gives an idea of the scale of the building.

Once inside, the large scale continued for each display with full-size planes, trains, a submarine, and even part of an aircraft carrier. These planes were hanging from the ceiling near the entrance.

Each of the exhibits was full of depth and information. This exhibit on toy design, for example, included displays for the concept development, working injection molds, automation, assembly robots, and even after-sales marketing analyses. You could almost get a full education just walking through the exhibit. Of course, this was one of David's favorites.

There was an actual German submarine that had been sunk in WWII which we were able to tour. We were not allowed to take pictures inside. The conditions on board were so cramped and torturous for the crew it was hard to understand why the crew would not surrender just to flee the 110˚ heat, stinky and sweaty beds, and deafening noise. Shannon and John demonstrated the peaceful freedom of swimming past the huge propellers.

The kids examined a scale model that shows a torpedo being shot out of the water.

The kids totally enjoyed the Naval flight simulator. John's favorite part was flying upside down.

David looked like he was attempting to drive away an electric Sparrow.

Heading back through downtown Chicago in order to get back to DeKalb.

A gaggle of Segways in a thoroughly modern Chicago...

After a great seminar and a terrific day for David & the kids in Chicago, what else should we have for dinner but Chicago-style pizza?

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