Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sat, September 20

The kids had a blast playing pool with Micki downstairs.  This morning he paused briefly for a photo op with the boys.

While Liz took over the dining room in order to fill mail orders, the kids headed back to Villa Sport with Sally for a morning of fun at the water slides.  They had the place pretty much to themselves for most of the time and had a fantastic time.

We had a wonderful time with our friends and hated to say "good-bye."  We look forward to a return visit.  Pictured here are Sally, Larry, and Calli.  Missing from our pictures is Becky!

Entering New Mexico at night, we stopped to take the picture and heard what we think was a pack of coyotes howling not too far away.  To say the least, that was a very quick photo op!

Colorado Springs to Taos, NM, is only 234 miles, but since we haven't been driving for a couple of days, it felt like a lot longer as we readjusted to life on the road.

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