Sunday, September 7, 2008

Thurs, September 4

We enjoyed baked oatmeal for breakfast.  Wow!  I had to get that recipe from Melissa!

Morning P.E. on the trampoline.

Bunny took a jump on the trampoline with Veronica and Shannon.

Liz and Melissa posed out front just before we left.

The Ramirez and FitzGerald children.

Sadly, we had to say "good-bye" to our friends and continue on our way.  The kids were discussing all the things they wanted to do in Minneapolis the next time we came here.  

We crossed over into Wisconsin at the Wabasha Bridge.  Can you find that on a map?  What river were we driving over?

Here's a hint...

We were mesmerized by the green algae that covers this part of the Mississippi River.  It was beautiful and prolific!

Liz has known Britta McColl, the Wisconsin SWR Trainer, for several years.  However, this relationship has been fostered completely through email or phone conversations--never in person.  Finally, the two were able to meet as we rolled into the driveway of the McColl's beautiful Castle Rock Farm on the banks of the Mississippi in Wisconsin.  The family ran out to enthusiastically meet us and then escorted us into the house for a fantastic lunch of home made bread, goat milk, lentils, and cookies.  Our children took to the McColls immediately and were fascinated with life on a farm.

After lunch, we were shown the barn and animals.  Bruce shimmied up the tree to help lower the branches so the goats could feed on the leaves.

John figured out how to get the chicken to rest on his arm.

Linnae showed off her very own baby chicken. 

City boy, meet the country chicken!

Britta showed Shannon how to feed the leaves from the trees to the goats.

Britta and Liz pose together.

Fiona, Linnea, and Shannon enjoy holding the chicks.

Bunny followed Trixie the goat around the yard, too.

The McColl and FitzGerald families pose together.  (Not pictured are Rob, Britta's husband; David, the photographer; and Britta's oldest son Neal.)

David tried the hammock to get a feel for the relaxed pace of country life.

One simply cannot go through Wisconsin without tasting some cheese!  (Sorry, California, but we do have some competition.)  We stopped at Ehlenbach's Cheese Chalet shortly before leaving Wisconsin to pick up some selections such as chicken soup cheese.  Yes, they make cheese with the broth and celery from chicken soup.  It was yummy!  Chocolate cheese tastes a lot like fudge--but cheesy.  This ended up being our dinner as we headed out of the dairy state and into a rain shower.  John posed outside the shop with one of the cows--not the ones that produces the milk for the cheese, however.

Ever since we left 10 hours late last Saturday, we've been aiming to arrive in DeKalb, IL, on Thursday p.m.   We were to meet Lee Bradford, the Ohio SWR Trainer, and Lashawn Wainwright, our Seminar Hostess, at the church to set up for the class which was the next day. We headed into Illinois and the toll ways in the dark, trying desperately to reach our destination close to when we were expected!

God was so gracious to us.  When we arrived at the Kishwaukee Bible Church in DeKalb, IL, to unpack the car--only an hour late--the rain stopped!  We were able to get everything set up fairly quickly.  We then headed to the next town over, Sycamore, and the townhouse our hostess so graciously provided for us and Lee to stay in during our visit.

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R. Bedee said...

To the FitzGeralds: I am vacationing vicariously, thanks to all of you - chickens! Goats! Bunny! Big river! You are meeting people I wish to meet (especially the famous Bruce - Liz, you're probably the only one to get that). Now that I'm finished with an SWR seminar, I will check daily to see what new adventures you're having. Hugs to Bunny - his adventures are rivaling Flat Stanley's!