Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wed, September 17

On a hill in Boonville, MO, we had a beautiful view of the flooded Missouri River and the site of Old Franklin, the original eastern point of the Santa Fe Trail.   Boonville is the oldest town in Central Missouri.

Right behind the above lookout point, was an ancient Indian burial mound.

In the center of Boonville was a very nice memorial to the veterans of the area.  Bunny contemplated the words of Abraham Lincoln as we explored.

No, the kids have not been incarcerated--they were simply posing at the Cooper County Jail in Boonville, MO, a town named for Daniel Boone.  The town sits on the bank of the Missouri River right where Lewis & Clark paddled by.

We stopped for some ice cream at a Russell Stovers chocolate outlet.  Yum!

Arrow Rock was just up the road, so we took another short detour to explore the old town on the bank of the Missouri River.  At the visitor's center, we enjoyed a short film that explained the history of the town and this area of Missouri.  

There were these huge and fascinating webs in the bushes and trees beside the road near Arrow Rock.  We're eager to figure out what they were.  There must be some pretty big spiders in Kansas to make these.

We ended up in Independence, MO, so Liz could do some banking.  For the first time there were feelings of actually having arrived in the west!

We had dinner at Arthur Bryant's, a great place for Kansas City barbeque!  Take a close look at the picture below; it has been modified slightly.  

We crossed the Kansas state line under the cover of night.

Today we traveled from Columbia, MO, to Abilene, KS.  That's just over 300 miles.

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