Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mon, September 8

We picked up Anna at her house and took her out to breakfast at the Cracker Barrel.  She posed with Shannon in front of the house before we left her for the day.  The plan is to see her again next weekend.

We drove back across Highway 26 to West Lafayette and the home of Liz's Aunt Janet, her dad's sister.  Her husband John used his mower to cut the grass in between rain showers.

As we were walking into the Golden Corral for lunch with Janet, a thunder shower hit.  It poured buckets of rain, but the sun was shining when we were ready to leave again.  It's been like that on this trip.  Whenever we're either driving or in a building, it rains, but it is clear again when we need to be outside.  

We had such a great time visiting and catching up since our last visit 6 years ago.  We formed a line for massages at one point.  

We have brought a keyboard with us for the kids to continue their piano practice.  Joshua entertained us with his recent compositions.

The hurried schedule is finally catching up with us.  Liz took a nap while David and the kids sang and played the instruments.  At one point John and Shannon joined Liz in her afternoon siesta.

John and Janet on the front porch.

Janet with Liz and the kids out front.

Next we headed less than 1/2 a mile down Highway 52 to the Harmon's house.  Marilyn and David had a lovely supper waiting for us.  We were able to visit, sing some praise songs, and talk on the phone with Sarah Harmon, who is living in California right now.  The Harmons are cousins on the Miller side of Liz's family. 

After visiting in Lafayette, we ended up staying the night in Lebanon, just outside of Indianapolis.

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Mits said...

In the photographs all are looking very happy. While seeing the photographs it looks like happy family.