Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sat, September 13

We started the day by heading for Niagara Falls.  We were already experiencing the humidity of the area, but as we got closer to the roar of the falls, the air seemed to thicken with each step.  

Wow!  Although we were not able to go into Canada to see the falls from that side, the American Falls were spectacular nonetheless.  Does anyone know which Great Lakes the water is falling from then into? 

Back on the road, we drove past Buffalo, NY, as the rain began to pour.  It was slow going for a while since the visibility was quite poor.  

The children were quite tired from all the late nights and from the hours of driving.  They figured out a way to snatch a nap during the afternoon.

Driving into Pennsylvania during a brief respite from the torrential rain.

Entering Ohio while more rain splattered on the windshield.

We took time out to stop at the Hopocan Gardens restaurant near Akron, Ohio, where we met Lee Bradford and two of her children, Clint & Jenny.  What a great time we had reconnecting with Lee, getting to know her children, and enjoying a Barberton chicken dinner.  Yum!

Shannon and Jenny had a great time playing during dinner.

The boys and Clint had a great time, too.

At one point, we stopped at a rest stop to visit the potty and for a brief break from the driving. David, Shannon, & Joshua laid down on the sidewalk for a stretch and a short nap.

Crossing back into Indiana late in the night, we stopped for another picture of a state sign.

After a very long drive, we landed back in Gas City, IN, for the night.  

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