Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wed, September 10

We started the day by driving a short distance to Petersburg, KY, home of the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum.  This was a long-awaited visit, as we've been eager to see this place ever since we heard of its opening last year.

John decided to get into the mood as we entered the Museum.  Here is a picture of him posing inside a dinosaur sculpture out front.

Bunny thought she'd also pose with one of the sculptures.

Just inside the door we met up with Buddy Davis!  We saw him not too long ago at an Answers in Genesis Conference at a church in our area.  We love listening to Buddy's music!  It was great to see him again, to talk about the Museum, and to have him pose with the kids again.  

As we entered the Museum, we were amazed at the incredible displays and the professional presentation of a biblical account for the physical evidence throughout the world today of a Creator.  The fundamental premise was that we have undeniable evidence of the past, but our way of interpreting it will be dependent upon the view we have of how the world began.

The Bible describes the perfect world into which God placed the first man and woman.  The museum had beautiful displays of each of the stages of those first few days.  Here is one where Adam named the animals.

According to Genesis 3, Satan suggested that Eve should doubt God's Word. Because of this, Eve ate of the tree of life and offered the food to her husband, who also ate of the forbidden fruit.  Much of our culture and world encourages us to doubt God's goodness and His Word.

Because of Adam's disobedience, sin entered the world.  All of the pain and suffering that we experience in our lives today is because of sin, another way of describing how humans deviate from God's plan and ways.

God had a plan, however, to help mankind with their problem of sin.  As a picture of the ultimate sacrifice to come in the future, that of His Son Jesus Christ, God slew animals to cover Adam and Eve's nakedness and to show them that sin required a blood sacrifice.  Sin is serious and is what separates us from God.  The displays in the Museum were moving and stirred deep thought as we moved through them.

So much of the fossil evidence and natural landmarks of this planet can be explained in light of a world-wide flood such as that described in the book of Genesis.  The Museum had a great exhibit on Noah's ark, including models and life-size portions of it.

The Bible describes two large creatures which existed while early humans were alive (see the books of Job and Isaiah).  Wouldn't it have been amazing to live at the same time as these animals?

It's hard to believe they would have looked like these guys, however, there is definitely evidence that the dinosaurs lived in much more recent history than scientists typically describe.

Our children had a great time imagining what it would have been like to live among the dinosaurs.

We walked through the gorgeous grounds outside the building.  Shannon posed beside one of the waterfalls.

The Museum recently opened a petting zoo.  We found some very interesting animals there, including this zorse (a cross between a zebra and a horse) . . .

. . . and this zonkey (zebra and donkey).

Leaving KY, we headed north into Ohio.

After years of working together over the phone and through email, David and Ron Boyle were finally able to meet in person.  We had a great evening with Ron and Lisa.

Bunny had heard that one must eat at Skyline Chili while in Cincinnati, but she had a difficult time deciding what to order.

After a terrific dinner, we all posed out front together for a photo op!

Upon Lisa's recommendation, we also stopped for Graeter's Ice Cream before heading out of "the Queen of the West."  Anyone know why the city was called this?

We ended up for the night in Columbus, OH.  

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Oh, my kids would of loved to see Buddy Davis. How fun! Thanks for the link.