Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thurs, September 25

Mary (another SWR Trainer) and Liz spent the morning comparing notes, talking about Spell to Write and Read and homeschooling high schoolers, and just having fun catching up.  

The kids worked together to make lunch.

Karis, the Enchantress, prepared to meet the crusaders who were playing outside.

The battle-ready warriors came in for a water break only to be caught in her spell.

Later in the day we drove toward the Oceanside pier for some fun in the sun.

We caught a lovely mermaid--okay, it's really Shannon under all that sand.

The sand monster crawled out of the ocean and onto the beach!

The boys built a sand castle while Karis provided structural advice.  The sun was beginning to set and provided a gorgeous golden glow on the scene.

The kids washed off most of the sand.  Since the FitzGeralds aren't used to playing at the beach (Northern CA beaches are cold!), this was a new experience for them.

We left the beach just as the sun was setting.  Ah, the beautiful sight of the palm trees and the ocean.  We're back in California, all right!

The kids all kicked back and enjoyed a movie & popcorn after a hard day of play.

Bill and Mary Tanksley posed for a photo op this evening after Bill got home from collecting a huge hive of over 15,000 bees over in Vista, CA.  (Bill owns a pest control company and works with four of his sons.)  We watched the video of the segment on the local news broadcast where he was interviewed about the hive relocation.

The tired college student came home after a loooong day at Mira Costa Community College.  We surely missed her today.

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