Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fri, September 12

While the Davis boys spent the morning at their homeschool co-op classes, the FitzGerald kids did some of their own school classes and practiced the piano.  When the boys returned home, all the kids started enjoying the games and toys of the household.

The breakfast of champions!

Liz got to work on filling the mail orders that had been coming in since last weekend.  We dug out the bins from the van, and she started filling boxes to send off at the local post office.

The kids had a blast building creations with the Legos that the Davis boys own.

We sang some praise songs together.

The six kids posed together before our departure.

Gary & Kathy posed for us, too.

We waved good-bye to our dear friends and headed west for the Niagara Falls area.  West!  We have been traveling east for so long, it felt strange to finally be aiming our car in the opposite direction, the direction of home.  Yes, we have reached the furthermost eastern point of our trip, and it's all westward from this point.

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Susan of Very Pretty Things said...

I just love reading about your trip. I really wish I could be traveling with you...LOL!

May God bless you!