Monday, September 15, 2008

Sun, September 14

As promised, we returned to Marion, IN, so we could sing for the congregation at Aunt Anna's church, Immanuel Baptist, on Sunday morning.  The family sang "I'd Rather Have Jesus," and then Liz and David sang "How Great Thou Art" and "Immanuel's Land." We also shared our testimonies of how we came to know the Lord Jesus Christ.

After church, we were joined by Pastor & Mrs. Kughen and Joe & Debbie Nierste and their family at Ryan's Steakhouse. 

Precious times with very precious people; Liz with Aunt Anna

The late night's drive had worn us out, and we all caught short naps during our stay at Aunt Anna's house.

After prayerfully traveling through 60 mph gusts of wind and driving rain, we rolled into the driveway at the home of John & Mary Golden in Greens Fork, IN.  (The last time we were here was for Roger and Anna Golden's wedding in 2002.)  The storm today had been so bad, the power was out in at least four counties.

Because of the power outage, we ended up in Richmond, IN, for dinner at a Steak & Shake Restaurant with John & Mary.  All of the restaurants in town were either closed or unprepared for the onslaught of hungry customers coming in out of the rain and dark houses.  We enjoyed our time with the Goldens immensely!

By the time we left Richmond, the storm was subsiding.  However, when we arrived in Louisville, KY, we found our motel was closed.  Most of Louisville had no power because of the storm that had blown through during the day, remnants of Hurricane Ike.  We searched and searched for a hotel that was open and had a vacancy. We ended up at a lovely inn in Brooks, KY.  We were so grateful that the Lord had kept us safe during the day and had provided food and shelter.  

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