Sunday, September 21, 2008

Thurs, September 18

As we traveled across Kansas, we took a short break in Oakley, the birthplace of Buffalo Bill. There was a gigantic sculpture of the buffalo hunter next to the cabin.  The children had lots of fun climbing all over the monument and creating fun poses.

Even Bunny had to get into the act by posing in the stirrup.

Here's the log cabin, although we don't think it was the original building--it was too new looking!

John wanted to explore the field of sunflowers, the Kansas state flower.

Entering Colorado under clear blue skies.

We kept looking for approaching mountain ranges.  Little did we know that our drive across the western end of Kansas and the eastern side of Colorado included a gradual slope that ended in just over 6,000' altitude!  Finally, as we neared Colorado Springs, we saw a glimpse of Pike's Peak as it appeared between clouds.

We arrived at the home of our dear friends, the McNabbs.  Calli stopped by for dinner and a quick picture.  It was so hard to believe they moved from California to Colorado Springs eight years ago!  

From Abilene to Colorado Springs was 434 miles.

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