Saturday, May 1, 2010

Our little girl turns 12!

Here is a picture of the birthday girl
with her "twin," Titus Williams, on the morning
of the Baja team's departure.
You see, Shannon's birthday started with her brothers
getting all packed up and out the door
for a week of ministry in Baja, California.
Yes, Shannon's biggest gift this year
was to be an only child for nine days,
a gift that she really enjoyed.

The twins were born on the same day 12 years ago,
and we've tried to get a picture of the two of them
together each year since.
Take a look at how much they've grown in just one year!

We took Shannon and her friend Jessica Cunningham
out for dinner at Mimi's Cafe.
Here is a picture of the girls posing
in their beautiful Easter dresses.

One of the reasons Shannon likes Mimi's
is because of the mud cup desserts.
Jessica couldn't remember having one before,
so Shannon had to keep encouraging her
through each of the gross but yummy layers.
Chocolate pudding, oreo cookie crumbs,
and gummy worms--a kid's delight.

The next day, we visited Grandma Nancy,
and Shannon got to open more presents.
She was delighted with the warm microfiber blanket.

She had a great time shopping with me that week
and using the Target gift card
that Grandma & Grandpa Erwin had sent her.

Later in the month, Grandma Jodie came to visit
and gave her a precious painting
that has been hanging in the kids' bedroom
in her Morro Bay house for several years.

Birthdays are such a special time,
and Shannon is truly a special young lady.
We love you, sweetheart!

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