Saturday, May 1, 2010

Grand Prix

Every two years our AWANA club has a Grand Prix. The kids buy their car kits. They plan. They design. They create. After all their hard work, it's always a blast to view the amazing craftsmanship and creativity from the families on race day.

This year, David helped John and Shannon with their cars, but he also assisted the Cunningham family with the initial design and cutting for their three entries.

Shannon shows off the car she made in honor of
her pet rabbit Olivia.

Bethany displays her hot dog car.

Here's Jessica's book shelf car.

We loved Emilia's penguin car, especially since
we're from the Penguins Swim Team!

There's John's cell phone car next to Shannon's bunny/carrot car.

We also liked Priscilla's sneaker car and Emily's iPhone car.
Since the Wards always add some electronic touch
to their creations, Emily's phone actually had a ringer
which went off during the devotional.
"Would someone turn off their cell phone, please?"

Joshua chose to not have an entry this year, but gladly played
the spectator, nonetheless.

Ariel's puppy car won 2nd place for design in
younger group's contest.

Jessica's book shelf car won 3rd place for design!

As soon as we got home, the kids and David started brainstorming the various cars they can make for the next Grand Prix. We'll have to save the list and pull it out in 2 years.

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