Saturday, May 1, 2010

Green Smoothies

While reading through my favorite blogs one day, I came across a post about Green Smoothies. What on earth could that be? I read further and did some more research on the internet. Basically, a green smoothie is a concoction made of fruits, green veggies, and any other nutritious ingredients you choose to add which results in a delicious drink. A green smoothie each day helps us get at least three of our daily requirements of fruits & veggies. It's a terrific mid-afternoon snack, and it's becoming something of a habit around here.

Shannon loves the green smoothies and would drink the whole blenderful if I let her. John is starting to grow accustomed to them, and David likes a smoothie when I add some yogurt and omit the berries, which make the drink turn a disgusting purple color. Joshua still needs some convincing that these are actually made for human consumption.

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Michelle (She Looketh Well) said...

Thanks Liz, so glad you are enjoying them!! They really are so good, aren't they.