Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Dinner with Patrick Henry College

On March 30, David, the boys, and I attended a wonderful evening in Danville at the Blackhawk Museum. The event was sponsored by Patrick Henry College so we could find out more about the college and offer some support since they receive absolutely no government subsidies.

The evening began with a stroll through the antique car museum. David and John loved every minute of it and took tons of pictures.

We dined on an delicious dinner catered by Scott's Seafood Restaurant out of Oakland and were surrounded by friends. It is amazing how many people in the area we have come to know after homeschooling for twelve years.

There were several speakers during the program, including Brian Sussman, a meteorologist who used to be on a local TV station and who is now hosting a talk radio show on our local KSO-AM. Brian provided copies of his brand new book Climategate which was just released on April 22, "Earth Day." How's that for great timing?

We also had the honor of listening to Michael Farris, chancellor of PHC and president of the Home School Legal Defense Association, a group we have been a member of since the beginning of our homeschool days.

Hard to believe we're actually seeing college looming on the horizon, but that's what happens when you have two students in high school. We have yet to learn the the plans that the Lord has for these children that He has entrusted to us for this time.

Here's a great video that shows highlights of our evening.

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