Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Perfect Match

I stumbled across a give-away on the Doughmesstic blog today, and immediately decided that the pink give-away Kitchen Aid mixer would fit just perfectly in my kitchen which has a pink-peachy color tile with whitewashed and very "distressed" cabinets. Imagine with me the gingerbread I could make in that...or the cupcakes and with real buttercream frosting...or the from-scratch mashed potatoes my family loves for Thanksgiving. I've been wanting to try and start making homemade bread, and the Kitchen Aid would work perfectly for this.

Given the price tag of this solid beast, the give-away is pretty much the only way it's going to actually show up on my kitchen counter. Dreams are always so nice, don't you think? In mine there is even a nice soft filtered effect around the edges. Silly, I know, but I'll keep my photoshopped dreams even if it means appearing silly now and then.

By the way, thanks to Lynnette for pointing me in the direction of today's fun dream.

For the family,

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Organizing Mommy said...

Hope you win! I have a big industrial kitchen aid and love it.