Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day for our family
stretched over several days this year.
It started on Thursday evening
when I made 80 cupcakes.
I had a virtual cupcake factory going in my kitchen,
given that I only have enough tins
to bake 18 at a time!
Mix up and pour the batter,
in the oven for 18 minutes,
cool for 10,
pour the next batch,
and on it went.

As the cupcakes cooled,
I loaded them into a box with
three cardboard tiers
so I could transport them on Friday.
Chocolate, strawberry, and yellow cake--
we had a variety.

After I mixed up two huge batches of buttercream frosting,
we spent Friday morning over at
the Cunninghams' house
for two of our writing classes.
When Shannon wasn't in her class,
she was busy with the other girls decorating
her Valentine's box and making signs for our
carnival booths.

At noon we headed over to the Valentine's Carnival
with Home Schooler's Loving God.
The FitzGeralds had two different stations.
Shannon, Abigail Cunningham, and I
ran the Cupcake Decorating Booth.

Here are Abigail and I adding
the vanilla and strawberry buttercream frosting
to the cupcakes.

Our visitors were thrilled with all the sprinkles and
colored sugars they used to decorate their cupcakes.

Many of them really took their time to get the little cakes
to look just the way they wanted!

Meanwhile, Joshua and John ran a booth
with a Wham-O game called "Pop-Bang."
The kids were lined up to play
for the duration of the entire carnival!
The boys did a terrific job running their booth
and helping all the kids play the game.

Here's a picture of the little cake
that I made for David on Sunday
as a Valentine's gift.
(This is what it looked like
before the cat found the cake on the table!
BAD Kitty!)

I had also arranged to have some beautifully
decorated sugar cookies made for the kids
by my friend Eliana who operates Desserts Divine.

Love . . . it's definitely a family affair!


The Cunningham Family said...

Great post for Valentine's Day!

Amanda said...

Oh wow!! You are such a talented baker!! Love looking at the pics and reading about your event. Great ideas!! And your blog is wonderful too... we have a lot in common!


Organizing Mommy said...

Amazed!! I just baked for the first time in a long time! You are quite the hard working woman. Thanks for coming to my blog. Nice to meet new friends.