Tuesday, March 16, 2010

David in the News

A few weeks ago David had the opportunity of representing Wham-O, his employer for the past nine years, for a newspaper article. The new owners of Wham-O had just purchased another company called Sprig Toys, and the San Francisco Chronicle was interested in the new change of direction. Sprig Toys makes a line of 'Eco-friendly' products for toddlers that are made of recycled plastic with wood sawdust mixed in. This makes an interesting sturdy-feeling plastic that smells like wood.

Here are links to the article that went to print on March 8th and to a scanned image of the printed SF Chronicle article.

Here is the portion about David's role at the company: "David FitzGerald, senior product design manager at Wham-O, has the enviable job of 'coming up with crazy ideas and figuring out how to make them cool.' For instance, he took jai alai throwers and tweaked them to shoot out snowballs at the flick of a wrist. He recruits his three kids, plus children at his church youth group, for hands-on product testing." (You can see the "SnowTracBall" being described on this website.)

You never know exactly how you will be portrayed and what will be quoted. David had given a more wordy response to the reporter that was truncated by necessity. He had described his job this way, "We come up with crazy ideas, figure out how to make them work, make them look cool, and then get them into production." We are happy with how the reporter simplified things and provided a generally positive image of David and of Wham-O.

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Karla said...

off the subject for this post; but, I just wanted to thank you for your comment over on Organized Everyday. I too have an emergency potty in our vehicle and although I've only used it in parking lots I wouldn't have put it past myself to pull over to the side of the road if one of my kids really had to "go". We'll stick to parking lots.