Sunday, December 27, 2009


It's been a couple years since we made our gingerbread houses, so Liz organized a house-building event with Home Schoolers Loving God on December 18. The morning started with Liz and Shannon baking up the pieces for Shannon's house and plenty of ginger people to share.

One of the joys of gingerbread is the delight on the young children's faces as they explore--and sample--their "building supplies."

Liz spent most of the afternoon making up batches of royal icing, the glue that holds everything together.

The boys and other teens were assistants for the kids and had as much fun designing house decor as any of the actual builders.

Shannon and Emily had a blast building and decorating their houses, the the real fun came when they started devouring their creations.

Joshua and the other teens did a fantastic job organizing games for the younger children while the adults assembled the houses at the beginning of the event and then cleaned up at the end. Perhaps he will serve as an AWANA Games Leader in the future!

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