Sunday, December 27, 2009


The beginning of November brought the close of the boys' Intro to Speech class with final presentations on the 5th. John amazed the crowd with his dramatic interpretation of the book, Shin's Tricycle, a story about affect of the Hiroshima bombing on a small Japanese family.

Joshua presented his expository speech about swords, complete with a graphics board.

The entire group posed for a photo at the end of the fantastic presentations.

For an activity involving fungus, the two Joshuas headed to our local Lake Chabot to search for specimens. Some fungi can be dangerous if ingested, so the boys donned face masks and gloves for their search.

Back at home, the boys carefully handled their discoveries while preparing slides for the microscope.

John provided a demonstration of the effects of dish soap on a bowl of cream with food coloring added. Amazing and beautiful!

November 14 - The children had their annual piano recital in the fall this year. They each played flawlessly, and Joshua shared an original composition he calls "Infinity" with the audience.

November 20 - Shannon and the Cunningham girls had much fun playing dress-up during a recent visit.
November 24 - Shannon is studying Eastern hemisphere cultures this year for Social Studies. During her week in New Zealand she learned how to make the scrumptious meringue dessert Pavlova which she decorated with fresh strawberries and chocolate chips.

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