Sunday, December 27, 2009


December 5 - Our Biology students prepared presentations about the experiments they performed at home and independently. Joshua F. taught the group about his osmosis experiment with the semipermeable membrane of an egg while Joshua C. shared about his enzyme experiment with pineapples. Both boys were able to use skills they learned in their speech class for their presentations.

December 10 - The Jubilate Deo Chorus sang beautifully for their Christmas Concert. Joshua joined two young ladies to sing "Mary, Did You Know," and Shannon sang along with two other girls for a beautiful rendition of "Silent Night." The entire choir did a fantastic job with all their solos and choral singing.

December 11 - Alaina Bigelow joined us for the annual Centerville Christmas Concert in Fremont. Once again the choirs and the orchestra heralded the Savior's birth with glorious music and celebration.

December 14 - The students of our school, Harvest Christian Academy, joined the residents at Rosewood Gardens in Livermore for an afternoon of song, speech presentations, and cookies. The FitzGerald children helped lead "Hark, the Herald Angels Sing," and Joshua played his special piano piece.

December 15 - Liz and the children joined different families from Home Schoolers Loving God, our home school support group, for a trip to the de Young Museum in San Francisco. Since Joshua is studying World History this year, the King Tut exhibit fit perfectly with his coursework.

John attempted a kingly stance as he tried on a replica of the famous headpiece in the gift shop.

We went to the top of the museum tower where we had a breathtaking panoramic view of Golden Gate Park and much of San Francisco.

Right across from the museum is the California Academy of Sciences, which was recently completely rebuilt. The building has a new Living Roof. We are eager to visit the science museum again now that it has reopened.

We could see the top of the Golden Gate Bridge peaking over the top of the nearby hills.

After our tour of the museum, we headed over to Pier 39 for some lunch and fun.

December 17 - Shannon's new glasses arrived. Yes, our dear daughter is slightly far sighted and now sports a pair of glasses for most activities other than reading.

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