Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hats This Momma Wears

Tonight is Crazy Hat Night at the kids' AWANA meeting. David was busy pulling out his viking hat this morning, and Shannon will wear a silly blue and black "Cat in the Hat" type of hat for the event. I'm not sure yet what the boys will come up with.

It just it occurred to me I wear many hats every day! As the mom in the family, the list of tasks and duties I have to accomplish seems overwhelming all too often. On top of it all, I also run a home business. I thought it might be fun to start chronicling the different jobs I juggle.

Today I'm starting at the top--alphabetically, not in priority order.

A is for Accountant

While the kids are at choir practice, I'm off in a little room of the church with my computer, calculator, and a file folder full of all the receipts that need to be entered into Quicken, our money management program. Since I have to handle all the accounting for LITHBTH on an almost daily basis, it only makes sense that I would also help out in this way with the family finances. When we sit down each year to do our taxes, I'm so thankful for the way that we keep all the records on the computer throughout the year. Preparing income taxes takes me about one hour. However, as you can see, keeping up with the books takes endless hours throughout the year. If only I could learn to do this on a more regular basis. Some of these receipts date back to pre-Christmas! Yikes!!
Okay, back to work . . .

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Jenna said...

You mommas do have many hats to wear, and I'm sure that your children are so very thankful for you and the servants heart that you demonstrate to them... much like I appreciate in my mother:)

Thank you for following my blog!

Blessings to you and your family,