Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Crazy Kids

Having been inspired by Lynnette Kraft's blog entry today,
I decided to share some of the sillier pictures of my kids from 2008.

Here are Joshua & Shannon in a weightless condition
at the Chabot Space & Science Center in Oakland.

Actually, they were simply jumping up
while the camera caught them off the ground.
A pretty cool feature of one of the exhibits.
The Center even emailed the picture to me afterwards!

John is just plain goofy sometimes.
He was simply putting a pencil in front of his face,
using his hood to hold it in place--that's all.
No interesting story.
Just a funny picture.
Just John.

We were having lunch at the IKEA cafeteria one day,
and David was insisting that the kids eat their greens.
They wanted us to take a picture to document the fact
that they DO eat (and love) their veggies.

Outside IKEA there is a huge sculpture
in the shape of a chair.
Here is their "Thinker" pose on it.

For John's birthday he received a pocket knife.
What it had to do with hijacking his sister's birthday crown,
I'll never know.

While I was out one day, David grabbed the camera
and shot a whole collection of pictures
of the kids making funny faces.
Here's Shannon's "Precious Moments" shot.

One of them all together in a truly nice photo!

...and then 3 seconds later...

John broke his finger a few days after his birthday
and had to have surgery.
I thought the little blue hair cap was adorable.
He didn't!
Of course, that's a 13-year-old boy for you.

After the anesthesia wore off,
he didn't care what pictures I took.

Joshua was desperately in need of a hair cut
but was enjoying the effects of some serious hair gel on his mop.
Here is his "scary" pose.

David's glasses indicate
that Joshua had pretty accurate aim!

One would think from looking at this next picture
that this is simply a sweet, adorable little girl.
Shannon was my helpful assistant for my 50th birthday tea
I was hosting at a friend's house.
She was so ladylike all day,
enjoying a fun book quietly in a corner
while the ladies chatted the afternoon away . . . or so I thought!

When we weren't looking,
she snatched my camera
and tiptoed into the back room
to make a funny video of herself
discovering treasures on shelves
and in the bathroom.
Here's a picture she took of herself
--a real close up photo!

I didn't know she had even done this
until I uploaded the pictures
from the day onto my computer.


Hannah said...

Coming over from Lynnette's blog--another participant in the dorky pics link up. :)

You have great guts--I'm sure your children appreciate it. I sure did--it was great. ^^



Lynnette Kraft said...

Oh my goodness! I think I found a family as goofy as mine!!!! Those were hysterical! I wish I could make the pictures bigger because I really want to see the look on the veggie eating sons face better. ha!

What a blast visiting. You did it - you made me laugh! (Admittedly that's not terribly hard to do. But you really got me going.)


Kathryn said...

Oh, these were fun! Looks like you have a wild, fun crew at your house.

Michelle (She Looketh Well) said...

Hilarious pictures! What fun!

Just wanted to welcome you to She Looketh Well, I noticed you became a follower recently! Thank you.

Have a lovely day!

Regan Family Farm said...

Thank you for researching the bean info for me...I tend to forget the convenience of "google it".
Great fun with the family pics!