Monday, November 16, 2009

April & May

It's been a loooong time since we updated the blog! Too long. In the next few posts, we'll show some picture highlights of the events that have been keeping us so busy. Enjoy!

April 14 - David took the kids up to the mountains for a Wham-O photo shoot in the snow.

April 18 - The children played the piano during a short concert for the residents at the Bethesda Retirement Center here in Hayward. The audience was thrilled that with the music and the visiting time.

May 1 - Liz made a short weekend trip up to Portland for more SWR training with Wanda Sanseri.

May 5 - The children posed at the restaurant where we enjoyed dinner in honor of Grandma Nancy's 82nd birthday.

May 8 - We attended a San Francisco Symphony concert for youth. Afterwards the children posed in front of the city capitol building.

Before leaving the city, we stopped at the Japanese Tea Gardens to enjoy the beauty of the day and for some photo time.

May 14 - Joshua was completely "out of it" after having four wisdom teeth extracted. He doesn't even remember leaving the doctor's office.

May 21 - Shannon and friends smiled while waiting for their turn to be called up on the stage to receive their AWANA certificates and awards. They did a great job this year working through their handbooks and learning verses.

May 22 - The kids finished up some clay projects that were to be fired that week in the kiln.

May 25 - Memorial Day afternoon was spent at the Southgate Swim Club where the kids got more sun and had a blast playing in the water. Here is a rare shot of Shannon and Joshua joining forces to play "chicken" in the water.

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