Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, Shannon!

Hard to believe our little girl is now 11 years old!  Her special day began with the traditional birthday pancake bear.  She was pleased I remembered to put the arms on it this year, but I did forget the chocolate chip eyes.  Maybe next year I'll get it right.

Shannon and I decorated the lemon cupcakes so she could share her birthday with the students in her clay class.  

The kids finished glazing their clay projects today.  It was the last day in their six-week clay class.  They are eager for the advanced class which starts at the end of the month.

The group sang "Happy Birthday" to Shannon before enjoying the cupcakes.

Alaina joined us for the afternoon and a special birthday dinner at Mimi's Cafe.  Then the girls cuddled into the recliner for the American Girl movie, "Kit Kittredge."  Here is Alaina holding Shannon's American Girl Elizabeth doll while Shannon holds her new horse pillow.  It has the softest "fur" imaginable!

After church on Sunday we joined Grandma Nancy at Chevy's to continue the celebrations.  

Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

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