Friday, February 6, 2009

Why Shannon makes the best exercise buddy ever

Shannon joined me as my Curves buddy three weeks ago. Since then I have discovered that she is the best exercise buddy I could have ever asked for. Here's why:

  • She is faithful. She loves to work out, and she wants to go every day.

  • She is available. She's happy to head out the door at any time, any day of the week (M-Sat) for her P.E. time.

  • She has helped me solve the issue of when I can get exercise. I had a hard time getting out the door early enough to be home before David left for work. (It's not a good idea leaving all three my kids alone without some supervision, and I am not an early bird.) With her coming with me, I don't have to be out the door too early, but I can still get a good morning workout.

  • She holds me to my word. As a parent, I must set a good example for being faithful to my word. (I should do this all the time, but I think it is especially important for my children.) If I tell her we're going to go workout the next day, she holds me to it. I must keep my promises.

  • She has given me a tremendous gift. Since exercising regularly these three weeks,

    1. I am sleeping better at night,

    2. I can breathe deeper,

    3. I can actually feel my muscles,

    4. I have more energy,

    5. I want to exercise more, and

    6. feel more "can do" about projects I need to accomplish.

  • She is fun to be with. Exercising regularly has given us more time alone to talk and share. The ladies at Curves enjoy her, too.

  • She is young and fit. She doesn't have all the out-of-shape baggage to keep her from wanting to exercise like I do. She enjoys it, and it keeps her healthy and fit!

Moms, I highly recommend developing an exercise plan with your daughters!

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