Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Inauguration

We watched the presidential inauguration today after which the students were given a writing assignment.  They could write a poem, a news report, or a narrative of what it was like to watch the first black president become our president.  Here is Joshua's poem. . . 

Barack H. Obama steps forward.
The excitement begins to grow.
(Why they don't say his full name,
I'll never know.)

He raises his right hand,
His left is on the Bible,
Such a somber expression for one
Who has defeated every rival.

Now, he takes the oath of office
And he does it with style.
Oops!  He messed up!
(We'll hear about that for a while.)

He begins his speech,
With a deep and confident tone.
But after a few minutes,
It starts to sound like a monotonous drone.

He speaks of overcoming
The terrorists' rage,
And preparing our children
For a new age.

He speaks of change,
Making sure to use the word "we,"
Of working together,
The nation in harmony.

Having completed his speech,
He returns to his place.
Barack H. Obama is finally president.
A smile slowly crosses his face.

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