Saturday, November 29, 2008

Carmel-Monterey-Santa Cruz

For David's birthday this year (10/24), he wanted a get-away for just the two of us.  One of his favorite things to do is sit and watch waves, so we sent the kids off with friends and family and headed down to Monterey Bay.  We found a great hotel in Marina, well within driving distance from the places we wanted to see and yet far enough away from the touristy places to get a good price.  

On Saturday, 10/25, we drove down to Carmel where we had a fantastic oyster bar lunch. After walking around Carmel at bit and visiting the beach, we started out on the 17-mile drive which ended in Monterey.

The entire coast was shrouded by fog which gave us some beautiful pictures nonetheless.

Here's a picture of the lone cypress tree.  The fog only added to its singular beauty.

David thoroughly enjoyed watching the waves and walking out on the rocks.  The sea breeze is always refreshing.  Just behind David on the right is a large rock sticking out of the ocean.  It was covered with sea lions barking like crazy.  What a sound!

On Sunday, 10/26, we had brunch at Capitola-by-the-Sea at the Shadowbrook Restaurant, the place where David proposed to me 18 years ago on his 30th birthday.  You see, his birthday each year is also an anniversary of our engagement.  Has it really been 18 years??

This restaurant is incredible.  First, you walk down a path through a gorgeous garden to the restaurant, which is sitting right on the banks of the lush Soquel Creek, which drains into the ocean just a ways further down.  

The food was delicious, and the view was romantically tranquil.  After brunch, we took the tram back up the hill to the parking lot.  Wonderful memories of a special night!

Next, we ventured into Santa Cruz and the Santa Cruz Harbor for small crafts.  We watched sailboats coming and going and walked out on the jetty to the lighthouse.

On our way back onto dry ground, we found that the replica of the Nina was in the harbor.  This would have been a good time for the kids to be with us as it was a ready-made field trip.

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gary said...

Happy belated birthday David! Glad to see some bloggity action again.