Saturday, August 30, 2008

We're Off!

We're finally heading out and are on the road.  We left 10 hrs later than planned, but the car is loaded to the gills and our happy children are enjoying a movie in the backseat while we head for Reno, NV.  Our intention was to make it to Twin Falls, ID, by bed time.  We may end up driving through the night so we can get on our schedule.  Of course, catching up on sleep in Yellowstone is not our idea of fun.  Our prayer is that we can not only get on our schedule, but that we will stay healthy and awake to enjoy it.  

Stay tuned as we learn how to upload pictures.  We've already taken some fun ones for you, but we need to figure out how this blogging works first.


Andrea said...

Congratulations on the most significant part of your adventure -- getting out the front door! I am very proud of you getting to this blog right away. It will make me feel like i/we went with you (a virtual vacation). Am I the first to comment?

Our Castle Rock Farm said...

Liz, How is your trip going? Will you arrive in MN today? We'll be looking for your here on HWY 35 - WI tomorrow. A table with goat milk, sourdough bread, and cookies will be waiting for you!